Brown Thumb

Theo’s class planted the moms beautiful flowers for Mother’s day gifts.  I’m not sure the name of the plant (I know nothing about flowers) but it’s yellow and beautiful.  Each morning since receiving my gift, Theo has been excited to water and watch the plant grow.

Seeing his excitement, got me thinking about the possibility of starting a flower and vegetable garden in our yard.  We’ve lived in this house for the last 6 years and I haven’t done anything to improve our curb appeal.  I feel blessed to live in a lake community with miles of lush trees and water but I realize that I don’t spend enough time embracing my surroundings.

Alvin planted some flowers in a jug a few weeks ago and they’re coming along very nicely.

Hopefully  by next summer,  my brown thumb will officially become green.


2 responses to “Brown Thumb

  • syreena

    I have a serious brown thumb…it may even be I was just at the store yesterday trying to figure out how to start the boys off with an herb and veggie garden…the hub says its too girly….he wont be saying that when they are older and eating through our wallets thou…:)

    • brownvegan

      Yeah kids will eat you out of house and home! I need to start a garden with the boys. It’s so bad that our oldest planted his watermelon and cabbage seeds in our neighbor’s garden and she has been tending to them. LOL I have to do some research though but I heard herb gardens are the easiest to get going. Gardening isn’t girly at all-with all the pesticides they put on our food, it really is the safest way to go. 🙂

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