Houston, TX

I just returned from a relaxing weekend visiting family in Houston, TX.  I enjoyed great food, went to a few parks and also attended an awesome art car parade.

Houston is the 4th largest city and my cousin Keith made sure I saw a lot of it.

View of downtown Houston while coming from the airport

After having dinner at Luby’s, we headed back to the house where I crashed on the couch like an old woman. There was no night life for me and I was sleep by 11.

Saturday afternoon we did some sightseeing in the Sugarland section of town

There were a lot of horizontal street lights in Houston, opposed to the vertical ones I see in VA.  I have a feeling I would have went through a few of those because I barely saw them.

On Saturday we visited a vegan restaurant for dinner.

Golden Rolls-carrots, cabbage, taro, onion, mushroom

Silken Midnight-rice noodles, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bokchoy, ginger root, mushroom, tofu

I appreciated Aunt Dot and cousin Keith allowing me to drag them to a vegan restaurant.  They were so open-minded about the food and we had a great conversation.

We went back to the house for margaritas.

I showered and fell asleep soon after this drink. lol

Sunday morning we took Aunt Dot to work and headed to downtown Houston for breakfast and sightseeing.

First stop The Breakfast Klub.  We stood in line for 30 minutes to eat here.

Fresh Fruit! Yummy!

My favorite part about The Breakfast Klub is that it’s a black owned business and the owner, Marcus Davis was there to greet us.

After breakfast we headed over to Discovery Green-a sustainable park in downtown Houston

We also stumbled onto an art car parade

I had a great weekend! Can’t wait for my next vacation


One response to “Houston, TX

  • syreena

    wow…the food looked great and I am convinced that I am all nightlifed out too…eventhou I never really was a nightlife person to begin with..lol. looks like you had big fun…I need a vacation everyday 🙂

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