Background Noise

“When we cut out the background noise, we put what’s truly special to us in the spotlight.”

I chanted this Francine Jay quote several times while in Orlando.  Why?  Because I knew I was about to embark on another big transition once I returned home.  I wanted to constantly remind myself why it was so important to finally rid myself of a background noise that consumed a large portion of my day.  The distraction is none other than the TV in our bedroom.

I was endless hours watching mindless shows instead of focusing on more important things, like spending quality time with the boys and exploring new hobbies. I talked to The Hubs for several months about the possibility and he wasn’t interested.  He felt my “aha moment” was punishing him and wanted to keep the TV along with the 150 channels that we subscribed to.

With the relaxing week away and many hours of conversation, I was able to get him to consider and then respect my decision…with a compromise of course.  I agreed to keep the TV in the family room (with satellite service).

When we returned from Orlando (Thursday) I didn’t disconnect the TV right away like I’d planned to do.  I was purging the closet and had every intention of not watching it, until my sister called to tell me one of my favorite  movies was on.  Of course I could have turned it off afterwards, but while channel surfing I crossed a show I like and the cycle continued.

I kept the TV on for the rest of the night and early the next morning called DirecTV to cancel the receiver.

I spoke to a very nice man who offered us 3 months of free HBO before we hung up.  I told The Hubs the rep must have sensed our satellite days are numbered; since we only have two receivers on our plan.

Another advantage to this change is, that I can now admire the beautiful of our armoire. It was previously stuffed to the rim with the box TV and clothing that I doubt we wear. Now I can close it for the first time and we can use it storing writing materials and books.

It’s not that I will never watch TV again or that I necessarily hate it. The point of this change is to allow more time to BE STILL.  I want to give my mind more time to wander and hopefully use this new time to explore fresh interest and hobbies.  I admit that I still have moments of “what will I do now?” or “what have I done?” but I truly  believe those feelings will dissipate as the days go on.  If not, I still have the TV in the family room. Five people sharing one TV? This should get interesting.  🙂


2 responses to “Background Noise

  • michelle1908

    I cancelled DirecTV last summer thinking I would be able to get over the air reception but I didn’t. Initially, I did get a lot of reading done, then in the winter, I discovered Netflix (who’s recent increase is still a helluva lot cheaper than cable) and fell in love. Then, in December my dad gave me one of his extra laptops that I could connect to my TV and I’m in love. I watch YouTube videos, Netflix shows and browse the net from my bed.

    I’ve been meaning to start a meditation practice because I also need to be still. I find myself constantly consuming (mostly reading) information online…whether it’s on Google Reader, Twitter, Google+ or the internet in general. I think I’m an addict 🙂

    I need to take a mini digital sabbatical at least once a week myself.

    • brownvegan

      Internet addict checking in!! It’s true what they say about giving up one addiction for another. I do average about one book a week now, but I’ve been online a lot more than I should. Meditation is amazing! I went to a workshop/retreat and was able to learn a lot. I tried to teach it to my silly boys but they laughed the whole time. 🙂
      Thanks so much for your feedback!

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