Simple Dinner

After making breakfast for dinner for the boys, I made myself a salad.  I’m still working on cleaning up my diet after eating too many bags of chips and candy last week.



Black Beans


2 responses to “Simple Dinner

  • syreena

    ok…so I wanna have something nice to say about this but I been trying to find it for the last half an thats a snack right? I have the largest appetite in the world…I mean I eat a TON and it just seems like “healthy” eating leaves me eating ALL DAY LONG…no time for how is this possible???

    • brownvegan

      LOL I know exactly what you mean! When I stopped eating meat in ’08 I felt hungry ALL the time. I think it was because I stopped cold turkey (thanks to Skinny Bitch lol) and didn’t plan my menus. I eat A LOT-ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I had 2 helpings of the spinach & beans and it was quite filling. I also had a glass of water and a green smoothie (kale, banana, mango, kiwi, blueberries). I think it’s normal for healthy eating to make you graze all day lol I think they say you should eat about 6 small meals a day anyway. 🙂

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