Hello, Good Morning

“They sleep, we grind” –Erykah Badu

5:30 AM-Mile 1 of 10

Random Thoughts:

*The Hubs said he’s going to get me a can of mace for these early morning walk/jogs.  I was thinking more like a hand gun but whatever you want, hun. lol

*Mosquitos are extremely aggressive when you’re drenched in sweat

*My neighbors do an awesome job of maintaining their lawns-We need to join them

*I have learned to appreciate our neighborhood.  When we moved here 6 years ago, I wasn’t too thrilled because I wanted to be closer to DC and I thought the area was too rural.  It’s still too rural (we have one grocery store on this side of the county) but it’s absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

*I can’t wait until my Camelbak arrives on Thursday.  It’s such a hassle carrying my sports bottle because it interferes with my jogging; with the Camelbak I will be able to “wear” my water.

*I do my best thinking/note taking (Thanks Blackberry MemoPad) early in the morning.

*I need to add new music to my iPod-I’m thinking some Prince, MJ, a little Beyonce


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