REI has a new fan!  Not only did my Camelbak arrive a day before it was expected, but they also used minimal packaging to ship it to me. No more holding my water bottle or shoving it into the deep pockets of my yoga pants while attempting to jog.

I kept seeing bikers and runners wearing “backpacks” and thinking, isn’t that stuff weighing them down?  I had no idea they were tugging around water and assumed it was just work out supplies.  After seeing a man with one on a treadmill at the gym, I went home and Googled it.

The bag is very lightweight, has ample storage room for keys, phone, etc. and holds about 1.5 liters of water.

I only filled the reservoir halfway this morning for my 2 1/2 mile walk/jog and it was very easy to sip without interrupting my form. I had to readjust the straps a few times but that is to be expected since it was my 1st time.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.  Not only will the Camelbak be handy for my daily exercise but also in any outdoor activity that I choose to do.

To keep in compliance with the “One in One Out” rule, I got rid of 5 of the 6 sports bottles that we have collected from events and other people over the years.  I made sure to keep one for The Hub’s lunch break workout.  🙂


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