Vegan While Out

Being a vegan while dining out can be challenging.  In the beginning, I mostly ate salads, but that got old very quickly.  There was a time eating out wasn’t fun at all for me because I was paranoid about ingredients.

Don’t be afraid to question ingredients-Politely let the server know your dietary needs and ask for recommendations.

Many restaurants have at least one vegan option and several vegetarian ones, so it’s not nearly as hard as it may seem.  I prefer local restaurants over major chains any day because the food options are better and service more tailored to your needs.

If you find out your meal isn’t vegan don’t beat yourself up.  I had to learn this one for myself! If all else fails, go vegetarian.

Indian food is delicious for a vegan’s palate. Merzi-NW Washington, D.C.

Vegetarian Naan Roll-potatoes, onion, cucumber salad, and cilantro mint sauce

Good eats!

Questions? Leave me a comment here or contact me at @brownvegan on Twitter.


2 responses to “Vegan While Out

  • Anayah

    Grest idea for a post. I’ve been thinking of doing one like this, especially to help friends understand how to pick a vegan friendly place. I refuse to go anyplace where salad is the only option, but I have developed tricks over the years for helping restaurants be resourceful and creative.

    • brownvegan

      Yes! Another reason I prefer local restaurants is, the chef will usually make something especially for you that isn’t on the menu. I notice major chains don’t have that flexibility. Thanks so much for commenting. 🙂 Heading over to check out your site.

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