UNDER packing = Freedom

“Mostly, however, I want the freedom to ‘wander’ without the burden of possessions and responsibilities.” Francine Jay

I have a terrible habit of over packing when heading out of town.  On our trip to Disney World this last June, I packed 6 bags for one week, and had the nerve to call myself a light packer when I was putting everything together.

Took this picture before leaving Disney-My sister’s luggage is included

I only packed 3 outfits for each person (we stayed 7 days with washer and dryer in the condo), yet still managed to take unnecessary items.  My boys said they needed to bring several books, toys, and other things they failed to use while in FL.  Meanwhile for myself, I packed extra shoes, jewelry, and other items.  I hated that we had to go straight to the condo after landing in Orlando to unload our luggage instead of exploring Orlando.  I felt like having too much baggage literally held us back.

Improving my packing:

  • Pack early-I’m always last minute when it comes to packing.  I literally packed for a family of five for a week the midnight before our flight.  In my state of panic, I think I added too much of some stuff and not enough of others. Packing earlier will allow me time to reevaluate what I have before closing the overnight bag.
  • Stick to basic clothing to mix and match-Blue jeans, black pants, black and white shirts go with everything. Even though I have never been (and will likely never be) a fashionista, I think accessorizing any outfits with scarves and earrings gives a new look each time.  Also, these items take up a lot less space in my travel bag.
  • If it doesn’t fit in an overnight bag, don’t take it-Enough said.

So I guess I should start packing now…Heading to Chicago in the morning and need to make sure my luggage is light.  I plan to sightsee straight from the airport and this should be easy since I will only have a backpack.


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