Finding Simplicity in Unpredictable Situations

For the last few days the east coast has been quite busy with unprecedented earthquakes and the anticipation of Irene heading toward several states.  While talking to The Hubs earlier, we discussed how our views on possible power outages have changed since the ice storms of last year.

I can vividly remember being quite upset during those 24 hours of no electricity.  I complained about being cold and wanting to watch TV.

Our kids didn’t seem to mind the change; in fact, they embraced it wholeheartedly.  The boys played board games, made up activities, and excitedly covered the dining room table with blankets to build a fort to sleep in that night.  Since it was so cold, we spent a great deal of time in bed cuddling and talking.  I don’t remember specifics from those conversations, but I do remember feeling peaceful and wondered why we allowed the weather to force us to spend this much quality time together.  We spent 24 hours without TV distractions, cell phones ringing (batteries died), and no computer. I wondered why we didn’t consciously carve out this time together more often?

This time around I will not have concern about TV boredom because we no longer have cable.  I still watch Netflix but I don’t aimlessly stare at a flat box on hours on end anymore.  I have a great book that I started on last night, so it will occupy me if need be.

The Hubs stopped off at the grocery store on the way home yesterday and picked up some food to last us for a while since we’re not sure about the weather. He bought simple but healthy choices like bananas, bread, almond milk (doesn’t have to be refrigerated), canned black beans, spinach, carrots, and crackers.  If the electricity does go out, we will enjoy simple meals and the convenience of a refrigerator will not be necessary.  We have several candles and flashlights, and I am grateful that we don’t have to worry about cold weather this time.

I’m a wife and mother who isn’t very good at going with the flow.  I want to be. Life is too short not to embrace every opportunity presented and not to be conscious of how we can make our lives better. I am on a mission to face this weekend (and life) as my boys do each and every day, with optimism and simplicity.

I pray everyone has a safe and peaceful weekend.


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