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Background Noise

“When we cut out the background noise, we put what’s truly special to us in the spotlight.”

I chanted this Francine Jay quote several times while in Orlando.  Why?  Because I knew I was about to embark on another big transition once I returned home.  I wanted to constantly remind myself why it was so important to finally rid myself of a background noise that consumed a large portion of my day.  The distraction is none other than the TV in our bedroom. Continue reading


Home Sweet Home

What does a mama do after getting up too early to make sure everything was packed, sitting in the airport for 2 hrs with 3 jittery kids, listening to Simon talk back about FIVE times, and fighting DMV traffic after not getting any sleep on a flight when she gets home from vacation?  She clears out her closet for the biggest purge to date that’s what.

Before the clearing…. Continue reading