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Random Thoughts: Some Music I Like


Women in Art

I visited the National Museum of Women in the Arts  yesterday. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Les trois grâces (The Three Graces) by Niki de Saint Phalle is actually located right in front of the museum on New York Ave.  I love how this art celebrates the beauty of the female body.

Erase Discrimination

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RIP Borders: Did I Contribute To Their Demise?

I’m sad to hear that Borders is liquidating their assets and will be out of business by September.  One of my favorite pastimes is browsing their titles and drinking their teas. I must admit, I rarely buy anything outside of the tea.  The kids get their book from the library and I use my Kindle for purchases.

After going to lunch with my mom the other day, I headed over to Borders for my monthly retreat.  I planned to find a comfy chair in a corner and enjoy a few hours of solitude.  I arrived in the parking lot and couldn’t find parking for nearly five minutes.  The parking lot was foreshadowing of what was to come in the actual store.  The checkout line stretched to the back of the store, babies were screaming, associates continually yelled “next to line” and the café was nonexistent.  I didn’t understand the fascination. Most of the titles were only 10% off and when the books are an average of $25; that’s not my idea of a bargain.  I guess the company still doesn’t get why they’re going under in the first place.

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Random Thoughts

I secretly like this book-Yeah, some nights are just that bad.

Crossword puzzles bore me but I’m trying to embrace them to improve my vocabulary.

I love the look of exposed brick in homes.

I eat a lot more than I should.

I want to get rid of the internet at home but feel too addicted.

Hello, Good Morning

“They sleep, we grind” –Erykah Badu

5:30 AM-Mile 1 of 10

Random Thoughts:

*The Hubs said he’s going to get me a can of mace for these early morning walk/jogs.  I was thinking more like a hand gun but whatever you want, hun. lol

*Mosquitos are extremely aggressive when you’re drenched in sweat

*My neighbors do an awesome job of maintaining their lawns-We need to join them

*I have learned to appreciate our neighborhood.  When we moved here 6 years ago, I wasn’t too thrilled because I wanted to be closer to DC and I thought the area was too rural.  It’s still too rural (we have one grocery store on this side of the county) but it’s absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Continue reading

Summer Adventures

With the new season starting (my favorite of the year), I’ve decided to jot down some things I need to start/complete.  I really don’t like the sound of “goals” because it feels so restrictive to me; so I will call it my Summer Adventures. Continue reading

Dearest Vinegar,

Thank you for being there for me to remove that tough carpet stain, to rinse off my produces and assist me with cooking dinner for my family.

The big chemical companies are jealous of our connection and will try to lure me away with promises of a cleaner surface and telling me they’re better for my family.

They fail to mention that their products have been linked to cancer, cause respiratory problems, and destroy ecosystems.

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much you mean to me.